Kose Sekkisei Supreme Moisturizer I
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What is Kose Sekkisei Supreme?
Kose Sekkisei Supreme is a newly launched whitening series designed for 1) Dark complexion caused by sun exposure or stressful lifestyle; 2) Dehydrated and dry skin; 3) Rough and fragile skin; 4) Dull skin tone caused by lack of sleep and exercises. This series is rich in Japanese and Chinese herbs which are able to improve dehydrated and rough skin texture, as well as work into your overall well-being by calming your mind with its soothing scent.

Kose Sekkisei Supreme Moisturizer I (for oily/normal to oily skin)
A moisturizer that helps to maintain the skin's elasticity and suppleness. Suppress the formation of dark spots to reveal opulent fairness while at the same time restoring your skin's moisture balance.

Blends with Ampelopsis Radix HC and refreshing ingredients to replenish dehydrated and damaged skin caused by environmental damages. With light and soothing scent, it helps to calm your skin and mind. 

For oily and normal to oily skin

How to use?
Used after cleansing and toning. Use a cotton pad to saturate the moisturizer. Smooth the cotton pad gently starting from lower part of your face toward the ear. Can be used on eye areas. Apply the moisturizer again without cotton pad. After application, cover your face with hands and press the skin gently. The light and relaxing scent helps you to relax and improve blood circulation. 

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Kose Sekkisei Supreme Moisturizer I

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